Engineering Communications


The goal of the Engineering Communications category is to encourage undergraduate engineering students to present a technical topic, expressing a viewpoint on its social, economic, and/or environmental impact. Engineers are often required to investigate an issue, form an opinion, and then convince their audience of the validity of that opinion while explaining the technical process or issue to people with different educational backgrounds such as management, other professionals, or the general public. In this category, competitors must identify a technological process or issue, form an opinion about it, thoroughly and clearly explain the process or issue to an audience not specializing in their field, and present strong arguments to support their viewpoint. Winning entries will combine thorough research, a convincing viewpoint, and a dynamic presentation.


Up to sixteen (16) teams of up two (2) people are accepted into Engineering Communications. All teams must meet the general eligibility requirements for OEC.


First Place: $2000
Second Place: $1500
Third Place: $750